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Peace and safety are not automatic for everybody. Disasters and conflicts affect the lives of many millions of people around the world. What do your pupils think of this?

At present, an estimated 65.6 million people around the world have fled home. One in 113 people in the world is a refugee, displaced person or asylum seeker. Our learning programmes enhance understanding of humanitarian themes related to refugees, war and relief aid. What are the stories of the people behind the statistics. Do your pupils understand these figures? Can they gain empathy for people forced to flee from war and conflict?

Humanity House contributes to the development of skills related to the theme of citizenship. We encourage pupils to engage in dialogue and determine their own point of view about social, global and international developments. Through our interactive learning programmes, your pupils discover what peace, safety and world citizenship mean to them.


Complete your Journey of a Refugee with a personal encounter with Sahar or Ayham, who are able to share their personal refugee story in a presentation. Want more information? Just ask us!


Target audience:Age 11 - 18
Number of pupils:Max. 30 per group
Number of supervisors:2 from the school
Days:Monday - Friday

Consult us to create a programme for a larger group.


Many cultures, religions, political persuasions and ideologies coexist within society. For young people at the centre of this society, it is important to know what's happening and to form an opinion. Humanity House brings current events closer to home, and lets pupils view the world with an open mind.
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