Feminist Zehra Khan’s battle against the clothing industry

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How do you change a billion-dollar industry? In many countries around the world, the women working in the clothing industry experience poor working conditions, low wages, and long hours. But feminist activists like Zehra Khan in Pakistan are fighting for their rights.

In an interview with special guest Zehra Khan, we will discuss her experience of feminist activism and gender discrimination in the fashion industry. Then, with our panel, we will explore the possibilities for positively impacting the relationship between the fashion industry, its workers, and the environment. What can we as consumers do?

About the speakers

Zehra Khan began organizing home-based women workers in Sindh, Pakistan in 2001, which in 2005 developed into the Home Based Women Workers Federation. Recently, the HBWWF had a huge victory: this past January, legislation proposed by HBWWF was approved, finally granting home-based women workers in the Sindh province the same rights as other workers.

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