Just Peace 2017 #1

HagueTalks in the Peace Palace: Dialogues for peace

Interactive debate - 

Albert Einstein once said: “Peace cannot be kept by force; it can only be achieved by understanding.” But how to create understanding in times of (violent) conflict and growing polarization? During this special edition of HagueTalks, the opening event of the Just Peace festival, we will debate this with each other.

Learn the do’s and don’ts of conducting proper dialogues with inspiring meetings, design and music. Hear, for example, from conflict negotiator Fleur Ravensbergen how to really listen to people with conflicting or completely different views.

You can also learn from young designers how to think in new ways about peace, and how to enlarge your emphatic skills. Next to that you can dance with an unknown person during the ‘blind dance’ on the music of The Hague Peace Orchestra and experience the border crossing language of music.

Prior to HagueTalks is the ‘Market of Ideas’. Here you will find the most innovative ideas from international organizations located in the city. How do they contribute to Peace & Justice? Also, talk with a judge, filmmaker, human rights defender, a soldier and a Buddhist about the skills of the dialogue. Ask them all your urgent questions!

About the speakers

  • Fleur Ravensbergen is the deputy manager and cofounder of the Dialogue Advisory Group, a Dutch organization that negotiates during conflict situations. In her work, she talks about peace with members of armed groups to stop their violence. She negotiates with groups from the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Iraq amongst others.
  • Designer Dorota Gazy presents her graduation project ‘Court Dance’ in which dancers represent the role of law, victim and offender to generate insight into the dynamics which occur in court. This dance will be performed live.
  • Designer Daan Wubben created a new language. A language with which we can make the abstract numbers about victims of violence in the media tangible again. The work of this and other students can also be seen in the Museon on the 23rd and 24th of September in the exhibition ‘Visualising Peace’.
  • This programme also marks the beginning of the new initiative ‘The Hague Orchestra for Peace’. Musicians from diverse countries come together and play new compositions in which connectivity is key. They see music as the perfect language for peace because it communicates across borders, both collectively and individually.

Location + Tickets

This edition of HagueTalks will take place in the Peace Palace. Registration for this event will be possible soon.

About this programme

This edition of HagueTalks is the opening event of the annual Just Peace festival which this year takes place from the 21st to the 24th of September. The Hague celebrates the international UN Day of Peace with this festival. This programme is formed by the collaboration between all partners of the Just Peace festival and by financial contributions of the Municipality of The Hague and the Vfonds.

About HagueTalks

HagueTalks is an interactive series of debates which revolves around thinking about peace and justice. Read more about HagueTalks.