Just Peace 2017 #3

Studio Aleppo [The Hague]

Photo studio & exhibition - 

After a successful start of Studio Aleppo in Amsterdam last year, and upcoming editions in Helsinki and Berlin, Studio Aleppo will emerge in the Humanity House in The Hague!

Pop Up Photography studio

In the weekend of September 16th and 17th, the Humanity House will be turned into ‘Studio Aleppo’.  ‘Old’ and ‘new’ city residents are invited to have their portrait taken by prominent photographer Robin de Puy in a pop-up studio.

Statements of all participants will be gathered by asking short questions. The answers can be the starting point for a conversation. With this, Studio Aleppo creates space for encounters and contributes to a change in the perception of refugees and locals.

The photos and short interviews will be printed on the spot and become part of a portrait gallery with all ‘humans of The Hague’. This portrait gallery can be visited in the Humanity House for a month, for free. The portraits will also be published on the online gallery.

Negatives from Aleppo

Studio Aleppo started when, one morning, Syrian photographer Issa Touma found the remains of the archives of a photo studio amongst the debris on a street in Aleppo: (glass) negatives and prints, made between 1920 and 1970. Every image is a painful reminder of the thousands of people who have fled, been wounded or killed, and of those who have remained in spite of the destruction. The fate of the people portrayed remains unknown.

Issa Touma brought the negatives and prints to the Netherlands, and developed the concept for Studio Aleppo, in cooperation with Paradox. The negatives will be displayed at Studio Aleppo The Hague on small light boxes and tables.

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